Why SoFeyen?

Pronounced So-Fine, because as my grandmother told me “e-y-e spells eye,” the sofeyen monicre has become a bit of a personal obsession, all starting with my threat to your mother that our first child would be named “So,” hence So Feyen.  (At the time we never planned on having children, so I felt free to make empty threats.) 

Commander Cheddar SoFeyen

 Our first child was named SoFeyen, Captain Caesar SoFeyen, and our second child was named, Commander Cheddar SoFeyen.  

Captain Caesar SoFeyen

We competed with Caesar and Cheddar in dog agility and we became known as the SoFeyen’s.  We had Team SoFeyen hats and windbreakers and our mini-van carries the SoFeyen branding as well. There was even a website until I got too far behind on the updates, but I still do own the domain name.

We ultimately did end up having a child and we named you Graham, you are now four and SoFeyen does not show up anywhere on your birth certificate.  Yep, an empty threat.
I’m not entirely sure where this blog thing is going to take me, but for now it’s my SoFeyen blog. 
This blog is for you Graham and I hope you learn something from it some day and maybe I will to. 

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