Never Stop Setting Goals

Grandpa B’s lesson to me around never stop learning or you might as well be dead, is a lesson I will continue to teach and I will continue to live by until the day I die.

Over the past couple of years I have now come to develop my own until death rule:

“If you don’t have goals you might as well be dead.”

For a few years I stood on the sidelines as my family ran the Rockford River Days 5k, but then something got into my head that made me want to be part of that. I set the goal and I ran my first 5k in July of 2010.

I then set my next goal to finish a 5k in under 30 minutes. October of 2010 I reached that goal with seconds to spare, wearing a Spiderman costume with your Uncle Mike running next to me pushing a stroller and wearing and poncho and sombrero.

Then came my work Christmas party of 2010 where I accepted the challenge to do a triathlon. I eventually did that triathlon and another in 2011.

I now sit less than a few days away from running my first half marathon to be followed by a triathlon a week later and before the year is out I will have finished four triathlons and two half marathons in 2012.

I’m much healthier today, but I would not be if I had not set goals to get me where I am today.

Health and wellness is only one area where goals have meant a lot to me.

Over 7 years ago, I made the goal that I wanted to have a job that had more personal meaning and fulfillment than the one I had at the time. I started by going to culinary school to become a chef and own a restaurant and eventually made my way to Mayo Clinic where I have no responsibility at all for the cafeteria or food service.

I made it to Mayo Clinic because I stayed true to my goal of having a job that had more meaning and I couldn’t imagine more meaning than being a part of what Mayo Clinic does for people. Culinary school fit in there, because I thought and still think that good food makes people happy and making people happy is pretty darn fulfilling.

Then there is you.

I set the goal when you were born that I was going to make sure you had every opportunity to be who you want to be. I also committed to making sure you understand that you don’t get anything without hard work and that you need to be polite.

You don’t have to do much these days besides behave and smile to get what you want because I am a big sucker, so my hard work lesson is still a work in progress. However, because it is a goal that I still have and am committed to I know I will not give up on it.

Goals are a way of life, as you read this I hope you know what yours are. Keep on living.


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