When my son was born I started to write in a journal, not uncommon among new parents; but also not uncommon I have found is that I did not stick to it as I had intended to. I am hoping this will be something that I can stick to for him and his sister, and if anyone else gets anything from it that will be an added bonus.

My most important roles in life are as my son’s and daughter’s father and as my wife’s husband, I truly feel blessed to have those roles.

Professionally, I have had a lot of great experiences and worked for a lot of great corporations. I currently work with Minnesota Youth Athletic Services which is a nonprofit dedicated to improving youth sports, I founded two different hockey related charities and work with several small business helping them to do more effective and less expensive marketing.

Prior to focusing on youth sports professionally, I have been very actively involved in our community sports programs and have coached soccer, football and baseball.

My intent for this blog is to follow one of the rule’s that my Grandfather taught me:

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

He learned that from Dr. Seuss. So because I may offend even though my intention is never to do so, I feel compelled to state that these opinions are solely my own and while they may be shared I intend not to represent the opinions of anyone in my personal life or those of my employer.

Now, on with the show!!!